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Latin Rock, Attitude, Sensuality and a Lot of Happy Rocking People

ELK Records once again puts on an amazing Rock en Español show at Fitzgerald's main stage last Thursday night.  Local Houston bands (and artists) Niko Diaz, Elize and Carmeci provided the perfect prelude to Los Angeles band Love Star for... Continue Reading →

I Think I’ll Just Keep Smiling, Thank You.

Pegstar Concerts does it again. Houston had a visit last Saturday night from Australian electronic artist and singer-songwriter, Alex Cameron and Canada’s indie-pop band, Islands.  White Oak Music Hall served as the setting and host for the acts and the... Continue Reading →

Loud, Frantic and Fun… Texas and Austria in a Psychobilly Showdown.

There are many incarnations of punk rock music with various names such as hardcore, surf punk, death punk, classic punk and so many more that it would take me ages to list them all.  There is, however, one incarnation that... Continue Reading →

Whirling, Rocking, Rolling and Being Loud. The Good Ol’ Days Are Now.

Many moons ago in the city of Houston there was a place called Cabaret Voltaire.  As a young punk in my mid to late teens, I would go to that old warehouse in what used to be called Chinatown (which... Continue Reading →

Craft Beer, Good Music and What Has to Be the Best Po’ Boy Ever!

Houston has many wonders and great things to offer to its residents and visitors.  There is, of course, The Johnson Space Center (NASA), the Kemah Boardwalk, the beautiful Museum District with the adjacent Hermann Park and the impressive and ever... Continue Reading →

Trippy Tuesday. The Tuesday that Broke the Mold.

I have a theory about Tuesdays. On Mondays I usually wake up in the morning excited and with the energy to start a brand new week.  Wednesdays I am right in the middle of the week.  Working hard and beginning to look... Continue Reading →

A Cozy, Comfortable, Family Affair… Just What I Needed.

Last night was the kind of night that I long for from time to time.  I've been battling a cold for the past couple of days (nothing life or death... just those awful sniffles and sneezes.  But thank you for... Continue Reading →

Women Who Rock @ Fitzgerald’s, Houston… I’m just sayin’… Oh yeah!

Friday night in Houston, Texas and ELK Records threw a bash at one of Houston's oldest and most respected live music venues, Fitzgerald's.  But not just any bash.  Oh no sir-eeee... They threw Women Who Rock and let me tell... Continue Reading →

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